Bespoke Design

I.Kollection prides itself in its bespoke couture pieces designed for clients worldwide for  high profile society events such as Mayoral inaugurations, award ceremonies, society balls, weddings and other occasions.

Please find enclosed examples of bespoke design that I.Kollection has undertaken for diverse clients.

The design journey.

  1. Consultation- We will take you through a 1:1 consultation to understand your design requirement(s). A sketch will be made to ensure we understand your design concept.
  2. We will discuss fabrics with you and we will send you a quote and a timeline.
  3. Once the quote and a timeline is agreed, A pro forma invoice will be forwarded to you and 50% will be taken.
  4. Fittings will be made if necessary
  5. The other 50% payment will be made on final delivery of your item

Have a look at some of our designs

I.Kollection has designed a number of bespoke jewellery  and outfits for clients. Let us design your next outfit.